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Worcester Kids Kickboxing & Martial Arts

In these Worcester Kids Kickboxing & Martial Arts classes, kids ages 5-12 get fit, learn powerful techniques, and most importantly...have fun!


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Martial Arts Worcester

To A Caring Parent

Hi, my name is Ibere Reis.

Many people walk through the doors of my school for the first time and think that kickboxing is just about punching and kicking. This may surprise you, but there is so much more to it.

Our goal at Martial Arts Worcester is to use kickboxing as a vehicle to inspire kids to be more confident and focused in their daily activities.

Below, I would like to share with you the most important benefits that children and parents get from our program. Then afterward, I will let our members do the talking and share with you exactly how our program transformed their child’s life.


Kids will FEEL LIKE A PRO from head to toe with these action-filled exercises!

Punching and kicking the heck out of a bag, fitness kickboxing is disguised as fun, but we know they are also working on their physical and mental health!


With every jab and right hook your child’s confidence will soar. Our incredible instructors will motivate your child to reach new heights week after week.With the support of their fellow classmates, your child will flourish and create important principles to carry through life. As their strength grows so will their self esteem, and your shy child will be shining on and off the mats.


Strength, cardio and accountability! Kickboxing is a full body workout and your child will feel like a powerhouse with every roundhouse. With amazing instructors by their side to push them to their limits, kids will be excited about what they can achieve, making them want to keep coming back for more!


Bullies and strangers won’t stand a chance! Kids will learn the importance of self respect, character building and integrity to use as elements of self-defense; but have the artful craft and ability to back it up with a high kick or two when needed!

Check out what Google users are saying about Martial Arts Worcester

Taylor Green
- a month ago
Team link Muay Thai is a great gym and if my schedule made more sense with the times I could go to classes I probably would still be going. I love learning a new skill and even in my late 20’s and no prior experience with any form of martial arts other then watching it on tv I made it through workouts. If you are serious about competing in the sport or really dedicating some time into learning Muay Thai or this is the place to go, yes it’s a good work out but if that’s all you are looking for I would suggest going to title boxing or a player fitness.

Carol Vazquez
- 3 months ago
Should have joined a long time ago! I LOVE IT! Amazing! Looking forward to more! :-) I recommend this place!

Carolina Omelanczuk
- a year ago
Team Link is by far the best gym I have ever joined. I have never felt stronger or in better shape. The environment of the gym is so motivating and the coaches are very supportive and empowering. I’m so happy I found such an incredible place.

MaMo M
- in the last week
The quality of instruction and classes are top notch, however the reason for my leaving a review are the coaches (I never write reviews). This isn’t a typical gym. They have professional and amateur fighters and there are no egos. Every coach goes around and greets every student personally with sincerity and respect every time you step on the mats. I drive an hour each way to train and always enjoy myself, while growing.

David Davis
- in the last week
Great place to workout and train. They treat you like family and everyone is so nice. I am in the fitness kickboxing classes and it really works. I had hit a plateau in my home fitness journey and I started the program in March and broke through the plateau in no time. I am down 70 lbs and feel great!

Lisa Moona
- in the last week
It has been about three years now now since our son Jackson joined Team Link Muay Thai Little Tigers and I have to say it’s been such a great experience. Their influence on my son goes beyond the gym, into the classroom, with friends, and in his own personal journey with self confidence and into becoming a young man. These coaches are incredible people who have taught my son to strive to improve, be confident enough to be a leader, and to persevere when things aren’t easy - integrity is what they call it. Big, strong, champion fighters with hearts of gold who’s own family values and character radiate through out the gym. I’m so thankful we found Team Link Muay Thai Little Tigers and for the immeasurable impact they have in my child’s life.

Elena Komova
- 2 weeks ago
I give this gym 5 star ⭐️ because I love it. All coaches are friendly, awesome and supportive. This is my second year and I see the difference in my body between before and after. They have program for kids, kickboxing classes and fitness program that works with my schedule. This place is professional and worth every cent.

Osiris Fernandez
- in the last week
As a first time Muay Thai student this place is more than what I expected. Learning with other students with all types of experience levels mixed with knowledgeable and friendly instructors you are sure to achieve what ever your goals are. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

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